Stockholm, Sweden// 

I am a 27-years old self-taught photographer and I’ve been doing this for almost ten years, but it’s not until a couple aofyears ago I started to get more serious about it. If you talked to my friends they would probably tell y’all that I always have a camera in my bag – ready for whatever, with a smile on my face.

Love breaking the rules in photography. Mix different and unexpected combinations to create my own vibrant style. To show the world the coolest version of a person cuz we are all unique and should be damn proud of it! As much as I also love just the simple, clean photos with a small detail that somehow stands out.

To get creative and to express myself in pictures is my art form, my way of showing what I see around the world. My goal is when people look at a picture they’ll see that this images is shot by Matilda.

I’m ready whenever you are, let’s create something crazy bananas together – or something simple.
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