Matilda Hammar

I am a 28-years old self-taught photographer and I’ve been doing this for almost ten years, but it’s not until a couple aofyears ago I started to get more serious about it. Recently started studying visual communication/photography at Fotoskolan STHLM.

Love breaking the rules in photography. Mix different and unexpected combinations to create my own vibrant style. I’m ready whenever you are, let’s create something crazy bananas together – or something simple.

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A selection of clients:

Dedicated Brand / Beri Gerwise /  Rawnice / Julia Rio / Hälsocafét /
Red Bull / Bonnier Education / Stina Velocette / Corneliasun /
Adam Chia / Tro, Hopp & Kaffe / Quest / Yoump / Linnéa Matei / Wolt /