Matilda Hammar

I am a 29-years old self-taught photographer and I’ve been doing this for almost ten years,
but it’s not until a couple of years ago I started to get more serious about it and doing my own thing.

Specialized in urban portraits in the music business. Love breaking the rules in photography.
Mix different and unexpected combinations to create my own vibrant style, in the enviroment I’m currently in.

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A selection of clients:

Dedicated Brand / Random Bastards /  Clas Ohlson / Rawnice / Julia Rio /
Red Bull / Bonnier Education / Me And My Homies / Corneliasun / Hälsocafét / 
Sony Music Sweden / Tro, Hopp & Kaffe /  Wolt /


Sweef Furniture (Stockholm) / Clas Ohlson (Oslo) /